After reading my netvibes this morning, I find myself with a little NECC envy. I’ve never been but vow to go in the next year or two. I need it to be closer or a better vacation spot and time for my family. San Antonio? Maybe, but it might be too hot. Anyway, I’m trying to attend virtually through Warlick’s Hitchhikr page and all the RSS feeds I have pulled in to my netvibes. Thanks to all the live bloggers attending – keep posting, I enjoy reading.

I enjoyed Jeff Utecht’s post this morning – makes me want to get going on twitter (I guess I have to get some friends).

Most of all I’m just reading with professional development in mind. Between now and the end of August I’m hoping to gather useful information to bring to the Upper School faculty about using technology in their teaching practice – both professionally and with their students. More on this as I go…

2 thoughts on “NECC Envy

  1. Patrick

    I hear you about the NECC envy. I had the choice of going down on my own dime this year, but decided against it. Now I am regretting that. Trying to keep up with the slew of entries in my aggregator is getting a little nutty.

  2. Jeff Utecht

    Hey Guys,

    Wish you could be here. It’s been an amazing experience. The EduBloggerCon was great..and that passion has carried over to the Blogger Cafe (as I’m sure you’ve read). Three people have told me today that they are skipping all the sessions tomorrow and just hanging out at the cafe. The conversation there is amazing, real, deep, and organic. Think about next year!


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