Still reading

Yes, I’m still trying to catch up with all the blog posts that the people at NECC have produced. I have especially enjoyed reading through the skype notes posted by Jeff Utecht from the skype chat they had during a few sessions. Though I didn’t experience it first hand, I can see that this practice is something that can be HUGE in the classroom and during professional development. It is something that we were considering for our opening meeting in August – now I’m convinced we should do it.

There is an enormous amount of energy coming out of Atlanta – so much I hardly know where to begin.  But I’d like to use that energy and the dozens and dozens of posts and notes that I have read over the past few days and combine that with the energy of the handful of faculty that attended my workshops at the end of the year and use it to get a real web 2.0 (school 2.0) fever started here.  I especially enjoyed Wes Fryer’s post this morning – broiling with energy.

Teachers here (and everywhere I imagine) are pretty comfortable with what they are doing in the classroom.  If however they are exposed to these tools and the power they can bring (to the classroom and students), they may see that they are falling behind in what is going on in education worldwide.  That’s the hard part – trying get teachers to take the time to see what others around them are doing.  Web 2.0 tools make this easier…

I’m glad I have a few weeks to prepare – I’m sure I’ll need more than that.  But I feel like I am better equipped having read post after post, twitter after twitter, chat after chat this week.  Thanks bloggers!

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