First camp-out

Last night, my 4 y.o. and I had our first camp-out (in the backyard, of course). Truly an exciting adventure for him (and me as we try to go to sleep when it is still light out). We tried a “family” camp-out but our 2 y.o. couldn’t manage to lie down – the tent was too much like a new toy. So the two of us got down to business reading several books. When that was done, he said he had to go to the bathroom (which of course means in the bushes because we are “camping”). Then he came running back to the tent and asked if he could have the flashlight and go through the “woods” (read: small patch of trees). I gave him the flashlight (it’s not yet dark out) and he took off to the “woods” looking for animals. He’s my nature guy. So he does this 2 or 3 times then comes back into the tent.

Now, it’s time to get into bed and sleep – he puts his head on his pillow and says “I’m not tired”. So we go grab a few more books and that seems to do the trick. A couple of books by flashlight and he is ready and falls right asleep. I wasn’t far behind him. We slept straight through – even though it got pretty cold. I even had to wake him this morning so I could get ready for work. Ahhh – yes – summertime.

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