Teachers 2.0

I just met with our Upper School Director regarding our in-service retreat in August. His focus is technology in support of good teaching (yeah!). He has come a long way in his use and thoughts about technology in the classroom. I worked with him on a wiki project this spring in his African Literature class. The shape of this retreat has evolved a lot since he first brought it up. We’ve gone from a skills-based approach to a near-web2.0 retreat. Here’s a peek at what we have so far:

Dialog I – What makes good teaching? (based around reading of Ken Bain’s book, What the Best College Teachers Do)

Presentation I – A demo of a “lesson study” – in depth conversation, step-by-step following the elements of a particular lesson

Dialog II – Technology and Good Teaching

(During these first 3 elements, the faculty will be broken into 3 groups of 10. Then during each session, the group will either be in the fishbowl having the active conversation, or live blogging/chat on the side – they will rotate through the rolls.)


Dialog III – Reflections on the day – was this setup effective? can it be used in the classroom?

Presentation II – Next steps – snapshot of some technologies to get them started. preview to future workshops.

What do you think of this of this setup? How might you change things? I’m especially exciting for the live blog on the side after reading all the buzz at NECC. But I’m worried that there is not much info on technology in this. If the teachers don’t know what’s out there how can they come to the conclusion that good teaching should involve using it? After reading Ben Wilkoff’s post this morning, I’m wondering how set up “The Ripe Environment” for my teachers. I’m still digesting this and wondering what else I could inject – maybe to make “Presentation II” effective. I welcome your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Teachers 2.0

  1. Ben Wilkoff

    Thanks for referencing my post. I think that it is important to consider framing change for everyone, and the Ripe Environment was my attempt at framing it for even the most reluctant teachers/learners. Are there any success stories that you have for creating this Environment? I would love to hear about how other teachers of teachers have found an avenue for creating change. Thanks again for the blog love.

  2. plennig Post author

    Ben – thanks for the comment. I am still searching for a way to help those reluctant teachers/learners to consider change, to consider new teaching tools/methods. There’s not much incentive for them – they see it as a lot of work, learning new things makes them uncomfortable, and they aren’t convinced that these new technologies can add anything to their classes. I have just worked one-on-one with some of them – but this is a very SLOW process (and there aren’t enough of me to go around). I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience. Good luck and I look forward to hearing more about your experiences.

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