Vacation Time

lake viewI’m trying to get all my ducks in a row before I leave on vacation.  It always seems like more work getting ready for vacation.  But I’m looking forward to a week away, a week with my family and friends, and hopefully, a week of warm, sunny weather (is that too much to ask?).

When I return, I will be spending three days at the Whipple Hill Users Conference where Will Richardson will be on hand as the featured speaker.  This talk will be interesting because I think Whipple Hill has a ways to go to make their sites as RSS and web 2.0 friendly as I think they ought to be.  I am looking forward to listening to and perhaps meeting Will after following his blog for so long.

After that, it’s a sprint to the finish as it will be August and school preparations will be in full gear – ugh, why does summer seem to slip away?

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