Liveblogging from WH UC

I am attending the Whipple Hill Users Conference in Manchester, NH. Travis Warren is giving the opening remarks this morning. The crowd is a mix of technology types and communication types (and a few others sprinkled in). He’s giving an overview of the happenings on the web and how it is affecting school communications – specifically social networks (myspace, facebook, etc) and wikipedia and YouTube, etc.

He definitely brings up important discussion points which I hope will continue throughout the conference. How will these tools change the way we do marketing/communications? More importantly (at least this conference), how will Whipple Hill adjust it’s software to incorporate these tools. I don’t see too many sessions that address these tools specifically but I hope the conversation will develop informally.

In a follow-up session with Travis, he began with Flickr.  He demonstrated tags, tag clouds, etc.  How does this relate to Whipple Hill?  Well, maybe the next version of the MML will be “Flickr”-like.  Wouldn’t that be great?  He mentions that if we can tag all of our content on our sites we can really customize our content depending on user login.  That certainly opens the doors for users loading content (especially photos).  Are we ready for this?  We may have a long way to go.

Great point – can our Alumni portal compete with Facebook?  I checked – there are 250+ members of our Facebook alumni page.  What can we provide that Facebook can’t?  Whipple Hill is considering trying to create a way to integrate some of Whipple Hill’s content into a Facebook page.

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