Have you tried Voicethread?

I’m working on an agenda of workshops for the rest of the school year. One tool that I’d like to get teachers excited about is Voicethread. I’ve now seen it used in a number of ways with a variety of grade levels and it seems that it can be a tool that can be added just about anywhere. I’ve been reading about many teachers using Voicethread successfully (and enthusiastically) with their students:

Jeff Utecht talks about Voicethread in Art classes.

Wes Fryer post about a Voicethread project in an elementary school in NY

This post using Voicethread’s commenting feature to gather ideas on how to use Voicethread

I think the classroom opportunities are endless:

  • In Lower School, classes can use Voicethread with their own class pictures to create a audio/visual newsletter. Especially in the younger grades where students cannot write yet, this would be a great tool for the kids to use in order to better express themselves.
  • In Science classes, students could use Voicethread to document an experiment – a kind of visual lab report.
  • In Math, students could use Voicethread to narrate their way through solving a math problem in order to demonstrate their understanding.
  • In English class, they can put original poems or short stories to pictures.
  • In Art class, Voicethread can be use a tool to reflect on their work.
  • In Foreign Language, kids can create stories or tours using Flickr images and narrate them in their language.
  • In History, they could use use flickr images in a digital narration of a historical event.

I am looking forward to teaching some teachers about this wonderful tool and getting some kids excited about using it.  What are some ways you are using it?

3 thoughts on “Have you tried Voicethread?

  1. Wesley Fryer

    I’m helping teachers use VoiceThread with students to share book reports, in a project called “Great Book Stories:”


    The older two kids in our family are also using VoiceThread to document their learning about different topics they are studying in school, as well as field trips we take as a family. Bison on the Konza is an example of one I made last month:


    I think in addition to encouraging teachers to use VoiceThread for instruction and student learning, it is very beneficial to encourage its use for personal communication with friends and family. My daughter’s VoiceThread “Getting a New Haircut” is a good example of the collaboration and feedback possible with this tool, which is very edifying for young digital storytellers:


    Good luck with your use of VoiceThread! It is a fantastic tool and one of my favorites to share with teachers and students as well.


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