“Speedy” Professional Development

I’ve been thinking about summer lately.  Mostly because we still have some snowbanks that haven’t melted and I am longing for the warm sun these days, but also because I’m starting to summer wasting...plan for technology workshops for teachers at the end of the year.  I came across this post from Kim Cofino, from the ISB (Bangkok), about “SpeedGeeking”.  What a great idea.  She, and her technology team, ran a professional development workshop like a speed dating set up.  They had 12 tables, each teacher rotated around each table and heard about a technology project for four minutes, and then moved on.  It gave teachers a brief introduction to new things going on in their own school.

The buzz in the room was amazing! Teachers were visibly excited and energized by the discussion and it was obvious that everyone found at least one thing that sparked their interest in the 30-minute session.

What a great idea – I hope I get a chance to run something like that here.  Thanks to Kim for thoroughly capturing the day in her post (as usual).

Photo credit – “summer wasting…

3 thoughts on ““Speedy” Professional Development

  1. Kim Cofino

    So glad the idea is relevant for you! It was such a success here at ISB (thanks to @frznguru for the initial idea). It was easy to organize as well, and really promoted the great work that teachers are already doing. I hope it works out well in your school too!

  2. Barbara

    [Just a friendly nudge from the blogosphere to encourage you to keep blogging… your site is great.]

    Another thought for sort of fast and dirty tech training for faculty is to bring friends in via Skype and have them share one tool/one idea/one technology apiece with your faculty.

    In this way, you don’t have to know everything, they can benefit from “experts” and taa-daa! it doesn’t cost anything. (except a maybe a beer at the next conference you attend together)

    Just a thought.

    Now, get writing… 🙂


  3. plennig Post author

    Thanks Barbara – your comment is just the push I need to get back to this blog. And it brought a smile to my face this morning – love the blogosphere!


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