Defining a new vision

I recently reconvened our technology committee to discuss an update to our school’s technology vision/plan.  Specifically I wanted the committee to focus on the academic/curricular portion of that vision.  Here’s our curricular paragraph as it stands now:

We recognize that students will require a different set of skills to live in the 21st Century and that technology can create new learning opportunities for all students.  Specifically, we will utilize the strength of computers to promote collaborative learning, to improve research skills and information literacy, to develop critical thinking skills, to encourage creativity and to individualize learning across the curriculum. While teachers may choose to apply technology to varying degrees, each teacher recognizes that using technology in support of their curriculum can enrich and extend a student’s learning experience and support a range of learning styles and abilities.  Faculty will receive meaningful, ongoing, and individualized training in support of these initiatives as well as in their administrative duties.

I think it still sounds pretty good but it’s not a true representation of what is happening here.  I would like the committee to reflect on this statement, tweak it if needed, but more importantly focus on how this statement can become more of a reality.  In order to frame this discussion I have asked the members to go out and do a little research on their own on what other schools are doing.  We are sharing those links using Google Groups, then, at the beginning of February we will come back together to discuss our vision.  There are so many good resources out there I do not want to overwhelm them but I do want to give them some good background in order to have a discussion.

Here are some of the links I’ve put together:

NETS for Students – they are from 2007, but written in a way that still applies

NETS for Teachers – drafted in 2008, but these will be good for our discussion

NCTE Position Statement on 21st Century Curriculum & Assessment Framework – NCTE addresses the changing landscape of reading and writing

A Vision of K-12 Students Today – a K-12 version of Michael Wesch’s “A Vision of Students Today”)

The Networked Student – Wendy Drexler put this video together in the “Commoncraft format” – nicely done.

Are there other resources you would add to the list without muddying the water too much?  What is your vision?  And more importantly how do you see it through?

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