More to Share

I have some more things to share as leftovers from my “tab clean up”.  This one is a great video of a homemade science project.  Now this is project-based learning at it best. Now, can we work something like this into our classrooms?  Think of the questions that can be asked, the hypotheses that can be stated, the stories that can be written, and the calculations that could be run?  Wow.

1 thought on “More to Share

  1. Nik scott

    Good evening, or morning perhaps!
    i am an Architect about to undertake the design of a new learning center in Victoria Australia. It aims to be in life for only 18months and wnats to learn as much from its failures as its successes.
    We want to trial and challenge teaching methods and new technologies.
    Where would you point me and what would you intergrate if you could have a aclean slate?
    The room we have is 3.6 meters high, 20 x 10 meteres long and wide.
    I would very much appreciate your comment.

    Regards Nik Scott


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